Hello world from Blizzard.finance

Blizzard.finance is a Balancer-like DEX (Decentralized Exchange) running on Secret Network. It has been created with an emphasis on:

  • Offering competitive rates to traders.
  • Fostering a zero-inflation growth model that pays sustainable returns over time to all stakeholders: traders, LPs, and liquid stakers.
  • Giving all users a simple and elegant trading experience, but optionally exposing advanced features to those who want them.
  • Empowering DAOs to get liquidity for the assets they issue.
  • Features both weighted pools and stable-stable pools.

Blizzard.finance is a Balancer-like DEX (Decentralized Exchange) running on Secret Network.

SecretDAO x Blizzard.finance

We are building Blizzard as a core but standalone component within the SecretDAO ecosystem. While there are other options for DAO tooling, we aim to create a solution that seamlessly allows DAOs to integrate with liquidity directly. Such as listing their issued assets (tokens and eventually NFTs) for trade, proposing incentives for pairs to the Blizzard DAO, or optionally integrating their DAO treasury with liquidity pools.

$SNO Token

SNO is the SecretDAO ecosystem token, which Blizzard uses as its DEX token. Users holding SNO tokens can choose trade them, or receive fees directly from dex users as detailed in Blizzard’s fee model. The SNO token conforms to the SNIP-24 standard for private tokens.



Note: Bug bounties will be paid from the Stretegic $SNO fund, with more information to come in a future post.




Swaps across each pool on Blizzard incur a small fee of about 0.35 percent that dex users pay directly to liquidity providers and to SNO holders for governance services. The structure at launch has the following fees, 0.125% paid to $SNO Holders (sent by users to $SNO holders), and 0.225% sent directly to LPs by dex users.



LP Interest Form

If you are interested in being a Blizzard LP, let us know how you’d like to see incentives start. You can get in touch, and give us feedback by filling out this LP interst form.

3rd Party Airdrop Interest Form

Contact us if you are the creator an NFT collection on Secret Network, and are interested in those NFTs getting a part of the $SNO airdrop. You can get in touch by filling out this 3rd Party Collection Airdrop interest form.

Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our plans with Blizzard finance, and watch out for snowballs!